Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Taxis…

With the Loch Ness marathon complete,  it’s about time I write about my last race, the Islay Half Marathon. My co-worker and fellow Canadian Chelsey headed to Islay (pronounced I-la), a small island off the west coast of Scotland.

The easiest way is through a timeline:

Friday August 3rd

  • catch taxi to Edinburgh’s Waverley train station & pick up running partner in crime Chelsea on the way
  • train ride from Edinburgh to Glasgow
  • bus from Glasgow to Port Kennacraig

– landslide causes 75minute diversion

Driving Glasgow to Port Kennacraig

Close call on the bus maneuvering the narrow road between Glasgow and Port Kennacraig

– miss 12:30 ferry to Port Ellen

Port Kennacraig

Port Kennacraig Ferry Terminal “Where Dreams Go to Die”
No food in the area… time to hitchhike!

– decide to hitchhike to the nearest town for food

We need food!

Nearest town.. 10km(6mi) away. Quickest way to get there? “Thumbs Out!” – as per random guy celebrating his retirement

– get stranded in said town because the lone taxi driver is out of town

Backdrop of little town near the ferry terminal

Backdrop of little town near the ferry terminal

– call flatmate (who is also running the 1/2 marathon) and comes to the rescue

  •  arrive back at the ferry terminal, and board ship to Port Ellen, Islay
Ferry to Islay

About to Board… finally!

  • arrive on Islay late in the evening, the buses are no longer running & all the taxis have left… we are stranded again!
  • police officer takes pity on us and drives us to our B&B
Bowmore, Islay

Bowmore, Islay

Saturday August 4th

  • sleep in!
  • breaky @ the B&B
  • race time!
Ardbeg Islay 1/2 Marathon

All pumped for the Islay 1/2 marathon!

3rd lady award

Accepting my prize for “3rd Lady” place. A nice big bottle of Whiskey 🙂

  • Explore Bowmore


Horses on Islay

The left one looks like he’s rockin’ the original Justin Beiber hairstyle eh?

Sunday August 5th

  • sleep in – again!
  • breaky @ the B &B
  • explore Bowmore

Islay, Bowmore

Cottage-style homes. Bowmore, Islay

Cottage-style homes. Bowmore, Islay

  • Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

  • whiskey tour of Bowmore Distillery

Bowmore Distillery

Bowmore Distillery , Islay

Bowmore Distillery , Islay

  • Picnic in the square
  • Pack up & head to the airport
  • Flight from Bowmore, Islay to Glasgow

Flight from Islay to Glasgow

  • Train from Glasgow – Edinburgh
  • Walk home 🙂
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